Overhead Power Transmission lines

Overhead power line is a type of power transmission lines pylons an different types of towers such as lattice and monopole are used to hold the cables. Since in this system air acts as insulator, it is a very economic and common way of transmission lines. FGB is proud of being one of the most prominent contractors in this field. With the help of our experienced engineers we have a brilliant resume of designing the high voltage overhead power lines up to 400kv.
FGB is able to produce all the parts for pylons and towers with optimum quality. The parts are galvanized in our facilities and all kept in standard warehouses and then they are distributed among the sites according to their orders. The quality of galvanized parts, are tested in step by expert supervisors according to the latest standards. To make sure our products meet all the standards, FGB has built advanced laboratories in its galvanization facilities.
Foundation procedure, installing mast structures and wiring are the final steps of a turn-key plan, which are done after the pre-commissions and commission tests.
The structures built to hold the conductive cables are designed in lattice or monopole types. The type in chosen according to the environmental and establishment conditions.
Quality Maintenance Respecting the project time table is the most important factor to achieve the optimum co-operation between the contract partners and plays the main role in fast progress of a project.



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