Fara Gostar Bistoon companies to improve their products and services of experienced professionals in all areas of its activity uses

This group of professionals can participate in all departments are responsible.

Design and engineering unit
Production planning unit
Project management unit
Commercial unit
One of the most important groups is electronic and civil engineering technical units. The group consists of experienced engineers this field who has an important role of the company’s success based on their knowledge.
To manage the optimum production and to lead the team according to the project time table and avoid the interference in the received orders, the planning unit was established since FGB started to work as a contractor. This unit has comprehensive supervision on material warehouse and manages all company’s departments to achieve the best possible results in certain time frame.
Managing all department and lead them coordinate all department in order to achieve the proper result, also controlling the project from its financial aspect are the main duties of this unit. Planning and project control are management’s two levers in performing this task.
As one of the fundamental includes 4 branches: Purchase and supply unit: The goal of this unit according to the company’s approach which is the quality maintenance is to provide the materials with maximum quality for all other units. Purchasing process in a project includes: planning, recognizing the proper resources, holding and assessment the inquiry, signing the contract, executing the contract and ending it. Marketing Tender Contracts affairs
FGB factories are situated in eshtehard industrial city in Alborz province, with the area equal to 24000 square meters, capable of producing 36000 tons of metal parts annually.


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